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Re: Debian RAM supporting.

Bret Busby wrote:

And, from that, and, the material that has so far been posted, my understanding is: 1. the original poster actually has 4 x 64 bit CPU's in his server that he was asking about, and 2. the response above indicates that yes, 4G (and maybe more) RAM can be used with 32 bit CPU's and 32 bit OS, with (what I understand to be, basically) a software patch to allow access to the memory that lies outside the limits of a 32 bit OS, but using that patch has its own problems, and so 3. it is recommended that, if a person (like me) wants to buy a new computer with 4GB of RAM (my current desktop system and laptop system are each limited to 2GB RAM), then the person should get a 64-bit CPU based system and 64 bit OS, to avoid the overheads cost (in processing) of the software patch, and thus 4. while it is not absolutely necessary to get a 64 bit system, to have 4GB RAM, it is strongly (?) recommended, for efficiency.


Yes, that about sums it up. If one wanted to be nitpicky, I would say that #1 isn't quite correct as the quick specs on HP"s site show that the system board can handle a pair of CPU's, so more than likely what the OP has is a pair of dual core chips, but that's being overly snotty.

s for the assumptions I made on the CPU's, I must apologise to the list as somewhere along the line, the list posts that contained that info made it into my trash bin unread.

Aside from that, one of our customers at work used those HP's... Very nice machines, I"d trade the Dell crapola we have now for those inna heartbeat.

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