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Re: Debian won't boot

Kent West wrote:
> Francisco Antônio da Silva Souza wrote:
>> Hi Vwaju,
>> you can get a live version of Debian in page
>> http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/release/current-live/
> So when I go to this page I get an option of "amd64" or "i386". Which
> one do I want for a general-purpose boot-on-almost-any-machine,
> including an Intel Mac, CD? (I assume since Ubuntu LiveCDs and Knoppix
> LiveCDs, etc, can boot on most any machine, Debian's LiveCD has similar
> capabilities.)

> I'm going to guess that the "amd64" is not just for AMD, but is rather
> for modern chipsets, and I'll download/burn that ISO. (My assumption is
> also based on the idea that "i386" seems antiquated.) If I'm wrong, it's
> just a CD and the time necessary for downloading.

Uh, oh. Now I've got a choice of "bt-cd" or "iso-cd" (as well as a
couple of others). Not knowing what "bt" stands for, I'll guess I'm
supposed to download the "iso-cd".

Kent West     <*)))><

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