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Re: Debian won't boot

Francisco Antônio da Silva Souza wrote:
> Hi Vwaju,
> you can get a live version of Debian in page
> http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/release/current-live/

So when I go to this page I get an option of "amd64" or "i386". Which
one do I want for a general-purpose boot-on-almost-any-machine,
including an Intel Mac, CD? (I assume since Ubuntu LiveCDs and Knoppix
LiveCDs, etc, can boot on most any machine, Debian's LiveCD has similar

> This is the official page of the project:
> http://debian-live.alioth.debian.org/
[WARNING: Semi-OT rant ahead]

When I go to this page, I get the manual that seems to talk about
rolling your own LiveCD; nothing wrong with that, but how's a newbie who
has been in Windows-land all his life and has just heard about this
Debian thingy supposed to know what to do with this? He's just been told
to download the Debian LiveCD as a try-it-out demo, but he's clueless.
I'm not a newbie, but I'm having a hard time figuring out which LiveCD
image to download.

I believe Debian is a wonderful project; I believe the developers and
documentation writers have done the world a tremendous service. But I
sometimes find Debian documentation to be too terse for non-developers
who aren't familiar already with the code and the ins-and-outs of the
system. (And please, any documentation writers, please date your
documentation, so we'll know if it's current or not. Thanks!).

(I have a similar complaint about the site at
http://www.goodbye-microsoft.com . I absolutely LOVE the concept, but
for someone who has never installed Debian from this site, the
documentation on that site does nothing to reassure the newbie that he's
not about to install a virus, or wipe his Windows/data completely, or
even what Debian is/does. I'd also love it if it were possible to start
the Debian installation by browsing to this site from a LiveCD, so that
in the case of a computer without a working Windows OS/browser, a person
could still install Debian.)

[/End of rant]

I'm going to guess that the "amd64" is not just for AMD, but is rather
for modern chipsets, and I'll download/burn that ISO. (My assumption is
also based on the idea that "i386" seems antiquated.) If I'm wrong, it's
just a CD and the time necessary for downloading.

Kent West     <*)))><

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