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Re: [OT] To synchronize system time witn NTP-server with no winter time shift whole year - how to?

On 2009-03-30_16:39:46, Mike Bird wrote:
> On Mon March 30 2009 16:12:57 Tom Furie wrote:
> > On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 04:47:38PM -0600, Paul E Condon wrote:
> > > Now, I want to stop arguing about the descriptions. But just one last
> > > shot.  I believe it is factually incorrect to say that you 'lose an
> > > hour' in switching from standard to summer time. It is conventional
> > > wording, it is manifestly untrue. But if people say it often enough,
> > > it becomes something that is used in syllogisms as if it were a fact.
> >
> > To be slightly pedantic about it, if you go to bed at whatever your
> > usual time is before the clocks change and still have to get up at the
> > same (clock) time in the morning as you did the day before, then you do
> > lose an hour of sleep, that night. Then again, by the same argument,
> > seven months or so later you get that hour back, so it all balances
> > anyway.
> In which case, you wouldn't mind randomly sleeping sixteen hours or
> zero hours with equal probability because in the long run it all
> balances anyway?

That's silly. I said nothing to suggest that I advocate randomness in
ordering one's life. What I said, put another way, is that when the 
clock reading is an hour later than it feels like, and when you can
remember moving it setting an hour forward the previous evening, it
is strangely irrational to claim that there has been a discontinuity
in time during the night. Saying that "losing an hour" is just of figure
of speach, but then actually believing its literal meaning is ... Well, 
I am speachless at such an admission.

Paul E Condon           

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