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Re: hp proliant dl380 g5 intermittent network connectivity issues (debian lenny 5.0)

On Fri, 2009-03-27 at 08:49 -0500, Matthew Lenz wrote:
> Got some serious issues with a brand new hp dl380 g5 running debian
> lenny.
> The machine seems to have issues with intermittent network connectivity.
> It'll work for awhile and then stop working. The real bugger is that I'm
> having diagnose this remotely.
> Initially we thought it was a bad hp NC360T add-on card (intel e1000e
> driver based card, which debian had setup as eth0 and 1).  I switched
> the interfaces to use the internal ethernet (eth2 and 3) which I believe
> is a bnx2 based chipset.
> It worked and I thought that fixed the issue until about 9 hours later
> it started doing the exact same thing (no connectivity, or it'll start a
> connection and then the connection will lock up).
> I've got these people going over all the network/firewall/switch/routers
> to make 100% sure its not a networking issue, but I'm pretty sure its
> something with the actual server itself.
> I've also got an admin running hp's diagnostic cd against the machine
> (i'm guessing, its something similar to dell's linux diagnostics cd)
> Has anyone else seen anything like this? Maybe an IRQ sharing issue
> (only guessing cuz I was reading other posts talking about issues with
> HPs and shared IRQs here on HP's IT resource forums)?
> The messed up thing is there is NO indicator of any issues in the dmesg
> output on the server.  Ugh :(

Think I found a bug in the linux-image security update on the 20th.
Reverted and seems to have fixed the problem.  Great, I guess :(

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