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Re: Linux server power cut

In <[🔎] 74aa57df0903300027p7e603570j97fb804494b70ff9@mail.gmail.com>, hadi 
motamedi wrote:
>Can you please technically let me know why the Linux servers suffer from
>sudden power cut ?

I'm going to interpret your question as "Why are there negative consequences 
when a Linux server is suddenly powered off?", but you English is a bit 
broken so I'm not sure that's what you are asking.

Basically this is the same reason any system suffers from a sudden loss of 
power: caching.  In order to make some slow processes (e.g. hard disk 
writes) appear faster, allow the system to pipeline actions, and generally 
increase throughput and decrease response times of the system as a whole, 
Linux caches data in fast, volatile memory.  Unfortunately, all the data in 
that memory goes away fairly quickly once power is cut.

Generally, a Linux system will recover gracefully from the power loss, but 
no system is able to recover the data that was in volatile memory and no 
where else.
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