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Re: rsync mirrors of debian CD How?

Thanks. It is clear from this that "Rsync Mirrors" is not at all what I thought it was. I had thought it was an improvement on jigdo for downloading an updated version of an iso for which I already had an older, out-of-date file.
What I had thought was that I could take my netinst.iso from a few
months before Lenny release and rsync it into being a true copy of the
latest version of Lenny netinst without having to transfer ALL the
individual bits of the new copy. That would save some time and
bandwidth over downloading a whole new copy, but ... I sure was
mistaken. I certainly don't want to mirror the whole Lenny repository
locally. No wonder Thorny was puzzled by my question!

This is exactly how I use jigdo. Mount the iso to /mnt/somedir and then scan the mount point for files that exist in the new image before asking to download. I also scan /var/cache/apt/archives for any packages I have updated since the original iso was downloaded.

My download of a new netinst is half done while I composed this reply.

Probably a bit late now!



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