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Re: Console Video Mode / Text Size

On Sun,29.Mar.09, 13:08:37, Tim McDonough wrote:
> I have a fairly new Debian install with no GUI. How do I configure (what 
> command or file) the console to have higher resolution and greater than 
> an 80-column width for the text?

Run as root:

# hwinfo --framebuffer

(package hwinfo, not installed by default)

This will get you a list of all modes supported by your card. Select the 
one you want and add it to the 'defoptions' line in /boot/grub/menu.lst 
like this:

# defoptions=quiet vga=0x368

(don't remove the "#")

and then run 'update-grub' and reboot. You should have a new video mode 
and the text size will change accordingly because console font size is 
defined in pixels.

If further tweaking is still necessary (for example you want a high 
resolution, but the font is too small) then install 'console-setup' and 
run ar root:

dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

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