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Re: thunderbird and evolution

On 2009-03-29_00:49:55, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 2009-03-28 23:31, Paul E Condon wrote:
> [snip]
>> Daniel, A word of caution about imap. I have been following the mutt-users
>> list recently. There is a lot of traffic about getting mutt to work with
>> imap. It seems to be possible for persons expert in both imap and mutt to
>> do it, but if your first choice MUA is mutt, and you are looking for advice
>> about use evo/tbird without letting them mess up your mutt mail setup,  
>> switching to imap doesn't seem to me to be a step you will be happy 
>> with.
>> At least read a bit of the mutt-users list archives before you try it.
> Really?  With these .muttrc entries, accessing IMAP stores is trivial and 
> seamless.
> $ cat .muttrc | grep imap
> set imap_user=me
> set spoolfile=imap://haggis/INBOX
> set folder=imap://haggis/INBOX.
> set record=imap://haggis/INBOX/Sent
> (Yes, yes, I know, excess use of "cat".  Well, I don't care!  The search 
> phrase should go at the end of the line, not in the middle!)
> -- 
> Ron Johnson, Jr.
> Jefferson LA  USA

Ron, I submit that your simple solution is not widely known within
the mutt user community. My message was a word of caution, nothing

Paul E Condon           

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