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Re: thunderbird and evolution

On 2009-03-27_23:08:36, Ron Johnson wrote:
> On 2009-03-27 22:51, Daniel Dalton wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I plan to use evolution and thunderbird occasionally to read my mail. I
>> normally use mutt from a console, but how can I configure thunderbird
>> and evolution to do the following?
>> - Read mail from /var/mail/daniel, and don't move it, just read it from
>> that folder, and delete or move only when I tell it to? eg. behave like
>> mutt would. - How do I then access my mailing list folders in ~/mail/*?
>> - How can I get them to use fetchmail for receiving and msmtp to send?
>> for receiving it shouldn't really do anything, just watch the folders as
>> fetchmail will automatically deliver the mail, actually procmail, but
>> how can I get the clients to use msmtp for sending?
> Instead of complicating things, set up an imap server for storage and your 
> MTA as a relay host.
> Then, "internal" mail and fetchmail feeds your MTA which then passes  
> messaged on to procmail which drops them into the correct imapd folders.
> Lastly, configure all your MUAs to send to your own machine (which,  
> running an MTA configured as a relay host, shunts the mail out to  
> smtp.iinet.net.au) and "read" from the IMAP server.
> Not exactly what you asked for, but what I described is, once you take a 
> *little* effort to configure it, will Just Work for years without any more 
> thought.

Daniel, A word of caution about imap. I have been following the mutt-users
list recently. There is a lot of traffic about getting mutt to work with
imap. It seems to be possible for persons expert in both imap and mutt to
do it, but if your first choice MUA is mutt, and you are looking for advice
about use evo/tbird without letting them mess up your mutt mail setup, 
switching to imap doesn't seem to me to be a step you will be happy with.

At least read a bit of the mutt-users list archives before you try it.

Paul E Condon           

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