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Re: Which timezone does the cron use in Debian?

In <[🔎] 807655.15935.qm@web76701.mail.sg1.yahoo.com>, Patrik Hasibuan wrote:
>debby:/var/spool/cron/crontabs# cat ./root
>25      17      *       *       1-6     /sbin/halt
>55      14      *       *       0       /sbin/halt

>But my cron still work with the 'CST'.

I've never done this myself, so I'm a bit unclear on what all affects how 
cron interprets the time/date fields.  The first thing I'd try is setting 
the timezone in the crontab.

man 5 crontab
and read the third paragraph.

You should be able to use this information to set the "TZ" environment 
variable to "Etc/UTC".  This might help, but I'm not absolutely sure.

If that doesn't work, revert your changes.  I don't know any way to make 
just that crontab use UTC.  You may still be able to make all cron jobs use 
UTC by setting the "TZ" environment variable in /etc/default/cron.

If that doesn't work, revert your change.  At that point, I don't know of 
any local change that is possible, so you'll have to set your system 
timezone to UTC.

dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
as root and choose "None of the above" and then "UTC" and then "Ok".

If you use either of the broad-stroke solutions, you may want to set the 
"TZ" environment variable to your local timezone in jobs that are timezone-
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