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Re: help - Browsing network Issue after installing SAMBA?

The method I used before was just using Nautilus 2.20.0 > network >
Windows Network > select the server and brows from there. Never got
any error messages, it worked fine. Turns out I ended up doing a
reinstall and this time I didn't select the "File Server" option,
works fine now. I will post a new thread and ask how to go about
setting up file sharing. Thanks...


On Mar 24, 4:40 am, Thorny <thorntreeh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 15:32:49 -0700, dbpbandit posted:
> > I've been experimenting with several distributions of Linux over the past
> > few months and I finally decided on Debian for many reasons. Currently I
> > have it running on a couple of laptops and an old PC. The PC has two HDD,
> > one has Debian Lenny and the other has Fedora 9 so I could switch between
> > the two. The HDD with Debian died last week so I put in a working drive
> > and ran the Debian Net-Install but this time I selected to "File Server"
> > option. Everything seems OK as far as the OS but now I can't brows to the
> > other Windows systems on the network like I could before. Does this have
> > something to do with the fact that it's now running SAMBA? Is there
> > something I need to do to brows to the other network machines? I'm pretty
> > new to Linux so any help is greatly appreciated, thanks..
> Dave, you're more likely to get useful answers if you provide a bit more
> information.
> What method did you use to browse the network "before". Include any error
> messages you receive when you now try. Otherwise, it isn't easy to guess
> where the problem might be occurring and many people who might be able to
> help you will just read your post and move on.
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