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Re: Ext3 for flash drive

Stefan Monnier wrote:

>>> Why ext2 rather than ext3?
>> I think you trimmed that line a bit prematurely in that it went on to
>> say "flash drive".  ext2 is arguably better than ext3 for flash drives
>> because of the reduced number of writes to disk.
> The extra writes of ext3 have 2 consequences:
> 1 - slow things down
> 2 - wear out the media
> Only point 2 is specific to flash, and it only matters if it will cause
> the media to die sooner.  With current flash media, obsolescence will
> come much sooner than death, so ext3 is just as suited for flash as it
> is for magnetic media.
>         Stefan

Very interesting story!

does it apply on CF cards? The name says flash, so I would assume yes? But
still, I think it really reasonable to consider the life of the media.


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