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Re: Ext3 for flash drive

Masatran / Deepak, R. wrote:
Recently, I re-partitioned my flash drive. I made one FAT32 partition, and
one Ext3 partition. The problem is that when I transfer files from my laptop
to my work computer, the UIDs on the Ext3 partition are used for the
permissions, so I am not able to access the data. How can I fix this?

Both computers run Debian Lenny. The laptop runs Sawfish while the work
computer runs Gnome. I manually mount the flash drive in Sawfish, and I have
a FSTAB entry to allow this without Sudo. Gnome does an automatic mount. I
don't have superuser privilege on the work computer.

I am willing to use non-Ext3 filesystems, I just want RWX-RWX-RWX-style file

Why so many difficult answers?
If you normally use ext3, use ext2(ext3 without journalizing) on your flash drive.

Even Windows supports it.

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