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Re: ssh connection takes long time

On Friday 13 March 2009 10:42:16 randall wrote:
> Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> > On Friday 13 March 2009 08:41:52 Abdelkader Belahcene wrote:
> >
> >
> > If you are using the OpenSSH daemon on the remote server and that
> > daemon is using the default configuration, it does a reverse DNS
> > lookup on the connecting IP before accepting the login.
> i doubt that this is a sensible default, if i'm wrong please let me 
> ;)

I'm not involved in the development or packaging of OpenSSH for 
Debian, so I don't know why this decision was made.  It must have 
some clear advantage, otherwise it wouldn't be worth the DNS lookup.  
If you are really interested, I suggest you mail the package 
maintainer(s) and/or upstream developer(s).

It's been the default for years though, so maybe the original reason 
is forgotten.  If that's true, raising the issue with the 
maintainer(s) and developer(s) could cause the default to be re-
evaluated or, at least, the reasoning to be re-discovered.
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