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Re: ssh connection takes long time

On Friday 13 March 2009 08:41:52 Abdelkader Belahcene wrote:
> Thanks for answer,
> but  firstly , I am use on my machine a client ssh, the sshd is 
> on remote server,
>      secondly, i connect to server with IP address and not with a 
> so no dns needed.

If you are using the OpenSSH daemon on the remote server and that 
daemon is using the default configuration, it does a reverse DNS 
lookup on the connecting IP before accepting the login.

IIRC, It is possible to disable this reverse DNS lookup in the 
OpenSSH daemon configuration.  It is not possible to disable this 
lookup by adjusting the client configuration or version.

In general, you should make sure reverse DNS works for all your IPs.
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