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Re: ssh connection takes long time

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
On Friday 13 March 2009 08:41:52 Abdelkader Belahcene wrote:
If you are using the OpenSSH daemon on the remote server and that daemon is using the default configuration, it does a reverse DNS lookup on the connecting IP before accepting the login.

IIRC, It is possible to disable this reverse DNS lookup in the OpenSSH daemon configuration. It is not possible to disable this lookup by adjusting the client configuration or version.

In general, you should make sure reverse DNS works for all your IPs.
i doubt that this is a sensible default, if i'm wrong please let me know ;)

as far as i know the only other time a reverse DNS is needed would be if you are running a mail server, and even then i notice that the number of mail servers actually checking for PTR records is very very small.

besides how would you do this with a dynamic IP, we are talking clients here and you never know what ISP you might use when traveling around. also i see very little function to this, besides some extra unneeded info in the log i don't see any added security in this feature.

but then again, i might be wrong.


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