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Re: Installing testing from latest netinst iso

>  Filed an installation report...then picked up the march 1st
> version...it works...it realizes there is a HD attached :)

I'm experiencing the same issue even with the latest nightly build of
the net installer.  i386, from today March 12th.  When I use the Lenny
installer it works fine, so I suspect it's just a bug in the
installer.  I will file a ticket, but I would appreciate it if someone
can give me some ideas on how to get past this right now?

I've tried, unsuccessfully thus far, to locate the exact info on my
hard drive.  I've got a Asus m70vr notebook and the "specs" tell me
that it has a 2.5 " 9.5mm SATA 320GB, 5400 rpm drive.  Manufacter
isn't listed.  Is this enough info to choose a driver from the
installer's list?

And, as a bonus question, is the nightly build installer the only
installer that I can use to install a debian testing system?  I
thought there used to be a periodic release of a testing installer,
and the nightly build was just an option if you needed more current
hardware support.  Am I imagining all of that?

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