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Re: Installing testing from latest netinst iso

Johannes Wiedersich wrote:
> Frank McCormick wrote:
>>> I just spent a couple of hours trying to unsuccessfully install Squeeze
>>> from the netinstall iso.
>>   I guess these builds are put up for DL with no or little testing. My
>> build came from the 28th and the two suffer the same problem. Guess I'll
>> wait a month or so before trying again.
> Please consider filing an bug against 'installation-report' [1]:
> /----
>> If you still have problems, please submit an installation report. We
>> also encourage installation reports to be sent even if the
>> installation is successful, so that we can get as much information as
>> possible on the largest number of hardware configurations.
> \----

  Filed an installation report...then picked up the march 1st
version...it works...it realizes there is a HD attached :)


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