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Re: Advice about ext3, please

As Aneurin has pointed out, you seem to have responded to the wrong
thread, that doesn't relieve the confusion for those of us who use a list
reader which threads correctly. And that is a part of what you are
complaining about. I expect that you've reacted emotionally, and that is
human and normal. I want to state a few more things and I will do that
inline. It's going to sound patronizing but I have the grey hair to
attempt that.

>> >>
>> > This is becoming ridiculous now. You are just replying and going to
>> > extremes just because you can.
>> >
This wording is not likely to avoid an emotional reaction from the person
you're trying to reply to and, thus, may be counterproductive for the
discussion. It also has the potential to irritate someone if you include
it in a reply to the wrong thread. I'm not even sure why this section got
in your reply to Aneurin's post except you were somehow trying to answer
the questions which I think were meant as rhetorical.

>> >
>> > I look forward to discussing other topics with you but for now this
>> > one is at end.
I hope you don't really believe that a line like that will be effective in
stopping an off topic thread. Many times, these days, even a "plonk" won't
be effective in keeping you from seeing things you don't want to see from
some posters. In my opinion, it is best to ignore a lot of other posters
advice, unless it is clearly incorrect, and let the OP decide what
information they want from the discussion. Naturally, post to correct
incorrect or dangerous advice.

> There are currently other posters arguing about top-posting,
> bottom-posting and inline-posting. With some saying they will do what they
> want regardless. This is nuts!
Nuts, perhaps. However, it happens in list after list and from time to
time. Some posters come here for a "social" exercise and probably look on
the list as some kind of slow IRC, perhaps even as a place to try and
show they are smarter than others. A lot of the really knowledgeable
posters who previously hung out here no longer post, I don't know if they
still lurk. 

> With all the off topic posts, inconsistent posting and arguments, not
> discussions, the mailing list seems chaotic and this does not encourage
> people to participate and therefore does not encourage people to use
> Debian.
Agreed. However, not every poster who is here to try and help others is
interested in encouraging more people to use Debian. Personally, I don't
care who chooses to use Debian. I will try to help those who do.

> Some posters do not fully read the posting they are replying and from
> their posts do not give their own post much thought either.
I couldn't agree more. 

> I also give references so that people can go look up and read the material
> for themselves.
> I think I will start a few new threads and see how it goes. Maybe "Staying
> on topic" and "Top vs Bottom posting".

Well, those posts are only likely to add noise to the mailing list as
topics like that usually do.

You state you give references when you post but it did not appear to me
that you did so in the above mentioned posts. Because the topics come up
so often, there would have been lots of references in the archives that
you could have quoted or linked to. You didn't even mention the most
basic reference, like the code of conduct on mailing lists at
lists.debian.org. I think I understand your good intentions but posts like
yours often act as trolls and have very little chance of changing

Submitted for your possible interest, not meant as any kind of criticism
of you personally, in the hope that lurkers can learn from reading and
understanding. If we can leave our egos out of discussions, the
discussions benefit but it is hard for humans to do that as our emotions
are affected by our daily lives, our perceptions, even our local
connotations of the words used.

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