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Re: Advice about ext3, please

On Mon, 2009-03-09 at 11:19 -0400, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> > Does anyone here power off their computer without first shutting it down?
> > Maybe, but after having to spend time repairing the system and/or rebuilding
> > it or losing data they most likely don't anymore.
> Even if you're careful, you'll still occasionally lose power, and your
> machine will still occasionally crash.  That's why people have developed
> file systems that can withstand even such situations (using journalling
> or a log structure).
> > Neither ext2 nor ext3 were designed to be used in this manor.
> ext3 was specifically designed for these situations.
>         Stefan

This is becoming ridiculous now. You are just replying and going to
extremes just because you can.

I'm here to try an help others just as I've got help in the past. Not to
get into some illogical off topic discussion. 

I look forward to discussing other topics with you but for now this one
is at end.

Thank you

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