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Re: find least used packages

On Fri, 06 Feb 2009 19:23:17 +0100, muzzle wrote:

> Hi debianers,
> I would like to clean up my system a bit. I already used deborphan to
> remove unused libs, now I would like to use the popcon information on my
> pc to find the least used packages I have. Is there a tool, maybe just a
> clever bash line or a script, that can help me with that?
> Cheers,
> Emme

>From the Lenny relesae notes, section 4.5.3:

 Remove forgotten packages. If you have popularity-contest installed, you 
can use popcon-largest-unused to list the packages you do not use that 
occupy the most space. You can also use deborphan or debfoster to find 
obsolete packages (see Section 4.11, “Obsolete packages” ). Alternatively 
you can start aptitude in “visual mode” and find obsolete packages under 
“Obsolete and Locally Created Packages”. 


-- hendrik

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