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Re: Advice about ext3, please (An experiment & results)

>>> > I was thinking to let my firewall
>>> > run on a CF drive. The last one served for 10years, so ...
>>> Your firewall can probably run with near-0 writes (or even with exactly
>>> 0 writes), so your CF will easily last centuries.
>> Especially if you can use a syslogd on another machine.

Or use busybox's syslogd with its circular in-memory buffer.

> thanks, I should take account of that.  Now it's in "testing" and
> there is nothing special I did for the filesystem.  I think I should
> make it write as less as possible.  I.e. disable swap and move stuff
> to memory (ram disk or so). It was helpful discussion for me.

I'd first check (e.g. with /proc/sys/vm/block_dump) to make sure that
it's really a problem that needs solving.


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