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Re: New Lenny installation: 800 x 600 max on 21-inch CRT monitor

On Mon, 09 Mar 2009 19:22:08 -0400, <owens@netptc.net> wrote:

When Lenny was installed it probably kept your old xorg.conf in the
same directory as the new one with some other extension.  Take a
look.  It may give you a clue or you may just decide to swap the old
for the new.

Thanks much, Larry; I should have said that it's a clean install onto what was an unformatted new drive. (I tried to include things that might matter, but forgot that one!)

It seems that I need to define my monitor's parameters and put them into the appropriate config. file, observing syntax and details of "format".

I just checked www.monitorworld.com; no joy.


Nicholas Bodley +|=|+ Waltham, Mass.
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