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Re: Yahoo Messenger replacement?

M. Lewis wrote:
> I'd love to get my wife's machine off of M$ software. The only problem
> has been Yahoo Messenger. My wife is dependent on YM to talk with her
> family. My wife's family goes to the internet cafe to chat with her, so
> they don't have any control over what version of YM is being used. Not
> only do they chat, they use the webcam. Prior (a couple of years ago) I
> tried several Linux substitutes for YM, including Yahoo's own YM for
> Linux (which was the worst).
> Hopefully things have changed though and there's a good substitute
> available for Linux now.
> What is the best recommendation for a replacement for YM on Linux? It
> must be compatibl

e with YM and it must be able to use the webcam.
> Thanks for any suggestions,
> Mike

ive been using gyach for years.  works great, while others are
struggling ie. pidgin, empathy to support video/voice gyach has had it
for as long as i can remember.


there may be someone who has one precompiled deb for debian, wait for
another to jump in. ( i use it on ubuntu, might work might not)

you may also want to recommend skype.  both voice and video there as well.

Steve Reilly


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