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Re: Unison not syncing files under ~/.kde

On Sun, Mar 8, 2009 at 9:21 AM, A. F. Cano wrote:
>  ignorenot = Path afc/.kde/share/apps/kpilot   #this is a directory
>  ignorenot = Path afc/.kde/share/apps/karm/karm.ics #individual file
>  ignorenot = Path afc/.wine/user_files
> But these do not propagate.
>  ignore = Path afc/Desktop
>  ignore = Name .*
>  ignore = Name *.o

Which Unison version are you using?  The Unison manual has the
following to say about ignorenot:

    "Note that the semantics of ignore and ignorenot is a little
    counter-intuitive. When detecting updates, Unison examines paths
    in depth-first order, starting from the roots of the replicas and
    working downwards. Before examining each path, it checks whether
    it matches ignore and does not match ignorenot; in this case it
    skips this path and all its descendants. This means that, if some
    parent of a given path matches an ignore pattern, then it will be
    skipped even if the path itself matches an ignorenot pattern. In
    particular, putting ignore = Path * in your profile and then using
    t ignorenot to select particular paths to be synchronized will not
    work. Instead, you should use the path preference to choose
    particular paths to synchronize."

See --


In your case apparently .kde is ignored because its path matches an
ignore criterion.  Then it doesn't matter even if some descendent of
.kde matches a ignorenot criterion.

A solution is to edit your ignore patterns to keep .kde safe.  (Use
regexp maybe?)


Girish Kulkarni - Allahabad, India - http://girish.50webs.com

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