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Unison not syncing files under ~/.kde


I've been using unison to keep home directories syncronized for quite a
while now, but this little bit is starting to aggravate me.  It appears
that, unless I'm missing something in the configuration below, files
under a .directory are ignored.  Note that at the bottom there is a
blanket "ignore = Name .*" to leave alone most .files which are system
specific, but certain ones I want to propagate, thus the ignorenot

The relevant bits on the ~/.unison/default.prf file are:

  ignorenot = Path afc/.procmailrc
  ignorenot = Path afc/.fetchmailrc
  ignorenot = Path afc/.signature
  ignorenot = Path afc/.mutt
  ignorenot = Path afc/.profile
  ignorenot = Path afc/.bashrc
  ignorenot = Path afc/.vimrc

All these get propagated just fine

  ignorenot = Path afc/.kde/share/apps/kpilot	#this is a directory
  ignorenot = Path afc/.kde/share/apps/karm/karm.ics #individual file
  ignorenot = Path afc/.wine/user_files

But these do not propagate.

  ignore = Path afc/Desktop
  ignore = Name .*
  ignore = Name *.o

Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a quirk of the configuration
file? or should I file a bug report?


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