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Re: pcmcia bluetooth card intro questions

Steven Demetrius wrote:
> H.S. wrote:
>> What kind of cards are supported in Debian (Testing)?
>> What I have mind, if it is possible, it to get a bluetooth card for the
>> PCMCIA slot and use it for a mouse and a headset and probably also for a
>> cell phone.
>> Thanks.
> If you have USB on your laptop may I suggest using a USB Bluetooth
> adapter. They are smaller, cost less and uses less power than PCMCIA cards.

This is another question that came to mind when I searching a bit more
about this topic. From your comments it looks like the USB bluetooth
adapter provides exactly the same functionality as a PC card. When I was
searching for pcmcia cards, I noticed that there is huge choice in USB
bluetooth adapters as compared to pcmcia cards.

> Here is the lsusb result on the one I use.
> Bus 002 Device 004: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth
> Dongle (HCI mode)
> No need to install drivers. Plug N Play :)

Very interesting. You have made some valid points in USB bluetooth adapters.

> I've used this with several mobile phones and headsets. It also works
> with my bluetooth mouse but have not had the time to fully set it up and
> test it yet.
> I'm guessing that one of the reason you want to connect a mobile phone
> is to access the phonebook and calendar. I've had issue with this using
> several mobile phone access packages, especially with newer mobile phones.

Yes, that is what I had in mind.

> An easy solutions to this is to, on the phone, export all your contacts
> into a vCard file. You can then copy it to you computer via bluetooth.
> All the addressbook applications in Debian except Icedove's address book
> can read, edit, save, import, export vCard format. So now you can edit
> the contents of the vCard and export it back to the phone. You should
> delete all the contact from the phone first before you import the
> new/changed set of contacts back into the phone. Or you will end up with
> duplicate contacts on the phone. I think the same works for he calendar
> but I have not tried it yet.

Nice to know.



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