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Re: Adding installed packages to menu

> Yes; each workstation installation that we have, whilst it has more than
> one user account, is used by only one person at a time, and is primarily a
> single-user system (but, I really don't like the pseudo thingy that Ubuntu
> uses, rather than having a root account. I much prefer having a root
> account, for system maintenance, and for packages installations and
> updates).

I may as well mention this too as you seem receptive to respectful

The sudo that Ubuntu uses could also be used in Debian, although I also
prefer having a passworded root account(Ubuntu has a root account, it just
doesn't have a password). BTW, I love that comment, pseudo <--> sudo, nice
play on words. :)

By default Ubuntu only gives the initial user at install the sudo
permissions. The proper way to do an installation of workstations in the
situation you describe is to use that initial username as the admin
account and not to add all subsequent users as All:All or to the admin
group. You'd still have the flexibility to allow sudo to a user and/or
group for specific binaries, if that is needed. Similar to the way one
might not have every user as an admin on a Windows install in a workgroup

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