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Re: Adding installed packages to menu

>> Also, I had (apparently, completely wrongly) understood that, when
>> installing a package with Synaptic, it was the role of Synaptic, as the
>> package manager, to ensure that the package was added to the relevant
>> menu, in the Applications menu hierarchy.
As I mentioned previously, not every sys admin wants the package
executable link added to the menu. I suspect you are looking at this issue
as a single user desktop situation, rather than as a multi-seat server
situation. Ubuntu is, mostly, crafted to be easy to use for people new to
GNU/Linux and who are just using a desktop system for their home computer
with just a single user or just the family. A long time joke (somewhat
undeserved, yet still amusing), is Ubuntu - an African word for can't
install and configure Debian. [Please don't flame me for that, I have an
Ubuntu install as well as Debian installs, also other distros for
evaluation and I don't hate newbies] The experienced GNU/Linux users who
choose Ubuntu don't have a problem with things happening, or not
happening, automagically. On the other hand, many Debian installs are for
multi-seat servers and, as I mentioned, the sys admin desires more control
of configuration and understands, or learns, how to accomplish the task.
In that light, I imagine you understand the sanity of the default
behaviour of Debian.

Many people don't use a GUI package manager like Synaptic. On the command
line, one doesn't need a menu, or at least, nothing more sophisticated
than the tab key.

>> I apologise for my lack ofknowledge in all of this.
We are all ignorant of a topic until we learn and, these days, most
posters don't flame someone for not yet understanding something.

> Just a quick additional note; in the Properties information for the
> package, in both installations, with the label of Section, in the Common
> tab, both packages have the same value; "Games and Amusement".
> So, it would seem logical, that each of the two installations, would
> automatically result in the package being added to the Games menu,
> within the Applications hierarchy, by virtue of the Section parameter,
> having the value, in each case.
It would seem logical, given one point of view, but as I mentioned
previously, that's not the behaviour that I desire from a package manager
any more than I want a link to the executable binary automagically added
to the desktop. There are more than 1000 Debian developers, worldwide,
and they vote as to how things are handled by default, perhaps there is a
logical plan.

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