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Re: Adding installed packages to menu

On Tue, 03 Mar 2009 23:41:06 +0900, Bret Busby wrote:
> One major problem with Ubuntu, apart from the pseudo thingy, is the
> colour. I much prefer the blue colour of Debian (kind of like some people
> and cars; "What kind of car do you drive?" - "A red one" ; "what kind of
> linux do I prefer? - "A blue one" ;) ).

The Kubuntu derivative of Ubuntu is blue. :-) Of course, it doesn't have
Gnome by default.

> Perhaps, a convenient solution, to whether newly installed packages should
> be automatically added to the Applicatopons menu hierarchy, would be that,
> when an extra package is installed on a system, the package, or the
> installer (package manager like Synaptic or apt), could institute a
> dialogue box, on completion of the installation; "Do you want this
> application added to the Applications menu hierarchy?", and, if the answer
> is "y", then the application is automatically added to the Applications
> menu hierarchy, and, if "n", or otherwise the application is not
> automatically added to the Applications menu hierarchy.
> I think that that would make a good package development standard - for
> packages that are installed on a system, that could be run from a menu,
> to, at the completion of installation, generate a dialogue box that
> incorporates the option to have the application automatically added to the
> Applications menu hierarchy; something like (in this case) "The Flight
> Gear package installation has completed. Do you want it automatically
> added to the Applications menu hierarchy? Enter "y" for yes > ".
> It is a thought...
And, I don't disagree with your thought, it's just not the
default behaviour I desire.

You may file a "wish list" bug against any package manager you
think should have it.

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