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Re: Upgrading from Etch to Lenny - aptitude ERROR

On Thursday 26 February 2009 07:13:14 Csanyi Pal wrote:
> After I edited sources.list and I do aptitude update first time I get
> a Warning:
> W: There is no public key available for the following key IDs:
> 4D270D06F42584E6
> W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems

This means that apt cannot verify the *second* signature in the .gpg files 
because it doesn't know about that key.  However, the packages will still be 
trusted because the *first* signature is valid and trusted.

The key used for the first signature is set to expire in June or July.  The 
key used for the second signature is the new key that shouldn't expire until 
Squeeze is released, IIRC.

> When I do this again and again, I still get this Warning, but I red
> here about this:
> http://debian.org/releases/lenny/i386/release-notes/ch-upgrading.en.html#
>backup that:
> "Running this the first time new sources are updated will print out
> some warnings related to the availability of the sources. These
> warnings are harmless and will not appear if you rerun the command
> again."
> What to do to get rid of this Warning?

Upgrade debian-archive-keyring to the version in Lenny.

> Is this Warning are harmless and can I go forward to upgrade my Etch
> system?


(If for some reason apt complains that you are attempting to install an 
untrusted package, *that* is a real problem, and you should stop the upgrade 
and get further advise.)
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