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Re: [OT I think] Which Distro?

On 02/26/2009 07:49 AM, Jimmy Johnson wrote:
Dotan Cohen wrote:
What applications or usage scenarios get more out of your hardware as
with 32bit / 64bit kernel?

How much better are those on amd64?

If you have over 3 GB of memory then you need 64 bit. Otherwise, it is
mostly very specific scientific applications that need 64 bit: home
users will see no benefit. In _most_ cases.

I imagine the arguments where similar when operating systems moved from 16 bit to 32 bit. ;)

Going from 64KB segments to 4GB segments was, practically, a much larger jump in functionality and memory access than the jump from 32 to 64. That's because:
1. PAE allows 32-bit systems to see much more than 4GB RAM,
2. "long long" are available to 32-bit compilers,
3. AMD64 uses the LP64 model, where int values are still 32 bit.

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