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Re: Serious aptitude upgrade problem

On Thursday 2009 January 22 15:24:57 Flo wrote:
>You are right! 2007.dfsg.2-1 is the uptodate version. 2007.dfsg.1-1 is
>the old version which is installed and should be upgraded.

According to what you posted earlier today, apt doesn't know about 
2007.dfsg.2-1 yet.  Assuming you are on Lenny/Sid you might try "aptitude 
update" to resolve that.

>The second update must have confused it. How could it happen and, more
>important, how can I fix this?

Yeah, I'm not sure how that confused it, but it could happen.  Are you doing 
anything unusual?  E.g., have a local apt repository, use some sort of 
apt-proxy software, et al.?
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