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Re: Reality of SATA hotplug?

On 01/22/2009 03:29 PM, Mark Allums wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:

If a loose SATA cable falls off of my DVD drive while the power is on, is it ok for me to just slide it back in? Or should I power the machine down?

If SATA hotplug *does* work "on the desktop", does that also mean that I could plug a new hard drive in while the system is running?

YMMV. I have hotplugged SATA on Win XP and it works plugging OUT,


Do you mean "works if you unplug" the device?

(Doesn't necessarily blow anything up)

I once fried a parallel port (and maybe mobo, depending on whether it was on an ISA card or not) when I accidentally plugged it in while powered.

but to plug IN, the device will sometime recognize, and mostly won't, unless you reboot.

One of the benefits of Linux is continuous improvement, whereas Windows *might* get it in an SP, but most likely in a major upgrade.

With a Software RAID, the hotplug works if you tell the RAID management software what you are going to do BEFORE you do it.

Never tried it on Debian.

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