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Re: No video in iceweasel or konqueror (lenny standard install)

A. F. Cano wrote: 

> Am I the only one having trouble with youtube and any other video site?
> I presume this is a flash issue.  This is a new Lenny install, not un
> upgrade of Etch.  I have done no customization to the browsers.
> Whereas I had no problem in Etch with iceape, I can't see any video
> with either konqueror or iceweasel.  Iceweasel reports that flash r9 r100
> is installed, and going to the adobe site it is recognized as such, but
> attempting to view any youtube video yields only a large circle with a
> triangle inside it.  Clicking on it results in a black screen.  In
> konqueror, there is no circle and triangle, but nothing happens until
> I click on where the video should be, then konqueror downloads it (the
> progress bar says so) but it is never displayed, no matter how many times
> I click the > (start) button.  I have tried this with a direct connection
> to the internet and (at first) via privoxy, which I've been using in Etch
> with no problem.  These are settings in the browsers.

Do you have the packaged version of Flash installed? What does this show?:

dpkg -l |grep -i flash |awk '{print $2}'

I would try removing any packaged version of flash (flashplugin-nonfree), and
install the per-user version from Adobe (ie. install as a regular user), and
see if that works.

Just download the tar.gz, extract, cd in and run the installer. Always works
for me.

> Has anyone had this problem?  Any solution?
> There's something else that bugs me.  Konqueror pops up a window once
> in a while saying that it couldn't get the proxy script or something
> like that.  What exactly is it doing and why?

Not sure about that one.


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