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No video in iceweasel or konqueror (lenny standard install)

Am I the only one having trouble with youtube and any other video site?

I presume this is a flash issue.  This is a new Lenny install, not un
upgrade of Etch.  I have done no customization to the browsers.
Whereas I had no problem in Etch with iceape, I can't see any video
with either konqueror or iceweasel.  Iceweasel reports that flash r9 r100
is installed, and going to the adobe site it is recognized as such, but
attempting to view any youtube video yields only a large circle with a
triangle inside it.  Clicking on it results in a black screen.  In
konqueror, there is no circle and triangle, but nothing happens until
I click on where the video should be, then konqueror downloads it (the
progress bar says so) but it is never displayed, no matter how many times
I click the > (start) button.  I have tried this with a direct connection
to the internet and (at first) via privoxy, which I've been using in Etch
with no problem.  These are settings in the browsers.

Has anyone had this problem?  Any solution?

There's something else that bugs me.  Konqueror pops up a window once
in a while saying that it couldn't get the proxy script or something
like that.  What exactly is it doing and why?



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