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Ext4 vs Ext3, is it really stable ?


I am doing my own tests with Ext4. It has better performance than ext3 FS. On some tests that I have done, I have 40 MB/s more than the same hardware with ext3 FS. Have you seen the same ?

My doubt is about the stability, is it really for production use ? I want to know that because I am really interested in use in production use (like most of us, I think...). I have done some tests about crash recovery and I have seen a good response. I have copied a lot of files and I have cutted power on server. The filesystem is OK after the power is connected again. I want to try with a mysql server on a intensive inserting/writing, I think this is a good tes to do, because a database server needs very reliable filesystem.

Regards, Adrián

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