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Re: k3b & brasero don't work, nerolinux does- works ar 2X

"Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." <bss@iguanasuicide.net> wrote:

> >So you are happy if someone givey you pre-alpha's and calls them "stable"?
> >This sounds really strange.
> My first requirement is that the release team does not feel the need to use 
> the qualifier "alpha".  I did not say that was my only condition.  Please 
> don't put words into my mouth.

That's strange, you happily use pre-alpha code as long as it is not called 

> >> >cdrkit is not working
> >>
> >> I disagree.  Next time I burn a CD with wodim, shall I send you the logs
> >> to show that wodim is working?  Or perhaps post them to a public forum?
> >
> >This does not prove anything. There are too many cases where it does nto
> > work at all (e.g. on laptops, ...). I am talking on usability and not
> > whether wodim may work sometimes under specific conditions.
> I have burned on my laptop many times in the last 2 years, using wodim.  Shall 
> I send you logs of it working on a laptop?  I can show you many cases where 
> wodim is working.  I can show you many cases when I have used wodim, showing 
> that it is usable.  As far as usability is concerned, wodim and cdrecord have 
> virtually the same interface so they have roughly the same usability.[1]

This is definitely not true. Wodim does not work for many (if not most) people.
This alone causes differences in usability.

As cdrtools introduced _many_ new features during the past 3 years, even iff 
wodim would work, it did not give you the same usability.

> What would convince you that wodim is working?  I've offered logs, I'm not 
> sure what else I can offer.  Or, have you simply closed your mind to the 
> possibility that working CD/DVD/BD burning free software other than cdrtools 
> exists?

You cannot convince people to believe things that are verifiably wrong.


Note that many of these bugs are showstopper bugs and that there are more 
bugreports that have been removed although they are of course present.

> I prefer to use working, free software like cdrkit.  See my earlier messages 
> for why I consider cdrtools non-free software.

As mentioned before: cdrkit is neither free nor working.

If you like to use free and working software, you need to use the original cdrtools.


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