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HPLIP(install Qt4 libs) and I ended up with awful fonts-colors in browser.How to revert?

The fonts in Opera are awful(size and font),the only thing I did,was
install HPLIP for printing(which installed Qt4 libs) and the fonts I
had in Opera9.63 (compiled dinamically with Qt3) were arbitrarily changed,
the fonts I had were O.K. for me.I have not experimented with other
programs(except Iceweasel) but it seems the default Qt fonts were changed,
so other programa may be affected.
In Iceweasel3.0.4(I use lenny) the changes were in color: the overall
color of the windows is a darker gray and the highlight scrool color of
the menus is now dark blue,and was middle blue.

The question is: How can I revert the situation without uninstall HPLIP?



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