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Re: k3b & brasero don't work, nerolinux does- works ar 2X

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. schrieb:
On Friday 2009 January 09 13:50:57 Paul Cartwright wrote:
On Fri January 9 2009, Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
Followup-For: Bug #499066


Thank you. You also might want to subscribe to the bug to receive updates to it as email. (Link at the bug page.) Also, https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=171019, the upstream bug, has a bit more information.

I'm not sure this is really a k3b bug though -- you said it affected other programs as well, yes. Please add to the bug what other programs you saw affected -- it is possible that the bug may need to be reassigned (e.g. to cdrkit or the kernel).

I am afraid that this bug report will have no effect. The problem discussed in this thread seems to be a problem in the tools used by k3b and not a problem in k3b itself. The bug report should be for growisofs. I would be surprised if the k3b maintainer takes any action. BTW, nothing did happen since mid September!

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