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Re: k3b & brasero don't work, nerolinux does- works ar 2X

On Friday 2009 January 09 09:25:31 Joerg Schilling wrote:
>There recently have been some mails from Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. and
>Johannes Wiedersich that have not been send to me, so it seems that the
>authors are not interested in a discussion.

Actually, we are interested in discussion, but the are following the 
established Code of Conduct http://www.debian.org/MailingLists/#codeofconduct 
for this forum and not including posters in the CC that have not explicitly 
asked for it.  If you would like to be CC'd, please ask; I will gladly 
comply.  I've also CC'd you on this email, but please forgive me if that's 
not what you wanted; I'll will do my best to follow the Code of Conduct in 
the future.

>Their mail contained the usual 
>accusations: the claim that cdrtools is not free and that there is no new
>releases in cdrtools. As these claims have lready been proven to be
> incorrect, we will not go any further in trying to discuss at this
> level.....

I never claimed that there were no new releases of cdrtools.  I claimed that 
wodim has had more stable releases since the fork than cdrtools.  Anyone can 
verify my claim be going to http://www.cdrkit.org/releases/ and 
ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/ then counting the number of releases since 
2005 displayed.

>Given the fact that the initator of wodim stopped working on wodim on May
> 6th 2007 and started to advertize for nerolinux instead, it is interesting
> to read the term nerolinux in the subject of this thread. Is Debian moving
> to closed software like nerolinux or what is the backgrund for not
> distrubuting working CD/DVD/BD writing software with Debian?

cdrkit, wodim in particular, is working.  I've used it many times in the last 
few years.

Debian is not moving to closed software; the social contract has not be 
amended in that direction nor are violations of the social contract ignored.  
Debian (the OS) does not include nerolinux and Debian (the project) does not 
distribute it 
Debian users may, of course, use whatever tools they like, including 

Projects do not have absolute control over their developers.  The initiator of 
wodim may have stopped working on it and be more interested in nerolinux; I 
cannot say.  I can demonstrate that cdrkit (which wodim is part of) is 
undergoing continued development since then.  http://www.cdrkit.org/ shows a 
release on 2008-10-26 and 
http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debburn/cdrkit/?rev=0&sc=0 shows a commit on 

> Did the 
> initiator of wodim intentionally introduce bugs that make "cdrkit" unusable
> in order to support closed source software?

Doubtful.  Still, Debian and the cdrkit project welcome bug reports, which 
will not be ignored.

> Is Debian no longer interested 
> in free and working software?

Debian maintains its commitments to free software and high-quality releases; 

>The Original poster was Paul Cartwright and I had some conversations with
> him during the past week.

<snip: details>

I'm glad cdrecord/cdrtools was able to solve Paul's issue.  Paul should file a 
bug with the details so that Debian and the cdrkit project can fix the 
underlying issue.

> _all_ related software has been modified to call the defective
>"genisoimage", "wodim" and similar

Yes, Debian does make Debian-specific changes to software in order to have the 
software work better in the Debian distribution.  Most free software 
distributors do.

>-	Are people interested in getting a working CD/DVD/BD writing toolchain
>	on Debian?

We already have one.  It may have specific bugs, just like our working mail 
clients, our working kernels, and our working printing systems.  Please file 
these bugs we you encounter them so that they may be fixed.

>-	Is there anybody inside Debian willing to support this by doing the
>	needed administrative work?

Since we already have one, there is no administrative work necessary.  So, 
I'll do it.  Done.

>Please note that there is a Debian cdrtools package available from the
> "grml" Author, so there is no need to find a Debian package maintainer for
> cdrtools.

All Debian packages need a Debian package maintainer, for various reasons.  It 
doesn't matter where else the package is available.  It is possible 
that "the 'grml' Author" could *be* the Debian package maintainer, but we do 
need one.
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