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Re: USB-to-PS/2 adaptor: mouse works, keyboard doesn't

Daniel Cliff wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 4:41 PM, Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> On Fri,02.Jan.09, 15:30:42, Daniel Cliff wrote:
>>> I hope I'm not bound to boot first WinXP and then restart and boot
>>> Debian in order to use the keyboard!
>> What happens if you boot Debian with the adaptor and the peripherals
>> connected?
> I tried that, and the keyboard does not work either.
> I suspect the problem is with the USB power.
> The adaptor is USB bus powered. Evidently, WinXP provides the power
> for the keyboard thru the adaptor, and once it's powered up, it
> remains so when I restart in Debian. For some reason, Debian is unable
> to provide that power.
> The CD that came with the keyboard has only an .exe file. The adaptor
> didn't ship any CD, but the packaging says "Supports Linux". I'll try
> contacting the manufacturer.
> Further ideas welcome!
> Thank you.
> D.

USB is powered when you attach the device. This means the usb device gets
power over the bus after attaching it. I've read about power on/off with
specific usb disks and devices. You may google about it.

I could think though that the problem is related to setting the keyboard to
a generic and may be it is not generic but some kind of other keyboard,
thus not configuring correctly means not working correctly or not working
at all.
You may try to find a proper configuration for the keyboard in udev, hal or
other subsystem and you may contact also the kernel usb developers list to
learn more what the signals captured from the input device mean.

I have a very funny behaviour recentlly with a hybrid tv usb stick. when I
boot without it, then shut down, then plug in the stick and boot again I
get some usb initialisation errors. the stick is unusable, then I reboot
and there are no errors the second time and the stick is working perfectly.

Very misterious. So far I don't have the time to investigate, but it's odd.
I'm saying this in connection to what you've mentioned that it's working
after booting in windows. I also don't understand how it's possible to
initialize properly after a reboot.

Anyway I hope I could give you some kind of useful idea.


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