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Re: OT: laptop recomendations

On Sat, 03 Jan 2009 11:45:39 -0500
Kamaraju S Kusumanchi <raju.mailinglists@gmail.com> wrote:

> Mark Allums wrote:
> >> In general, I think Dell's hardware is unreliable. They work fine
> >> initially. But after 1 year or so, things start to fall apart. This is if
> >> you plan to use laptop intensively (say 8-10 hours a day). But if you
> >> just use it for 1-2 hours a day, then it's life might be more.
> >> 
> >> raju
> > 
> > 
> > Don't blame Dell for the video being defective, in this case.  The
> > culprit is NVidia, and all laptop makers are at their mercy.  (Other
> > issues, like battery life, I have no knowledge of, and cannot speak to.)
> > 
> I did not blame Dell just because I had problems with my laptop. I reached
> at that conclusion after watching my friends laptops' performance etc., At
> least five friends of mine who bought Dell laptops have had various
> problems.

I saw that with quite a few consumer laptops. Unless you really baby them they
start falling apart after about a year.

> What I have observed (over the past 4 years or so) is that, typically after
> 1 year (and even before 2 years) things start going bad. It could be a hard
> drive failure, it could be that fans stop working (so the processor heats
> up... leading to its failure), it could be black spots on the monitor, it
> could be power supply failure, it could be mother board going bad. In my
> case it just happens to be battery, faulty video card.
> The fact of the matter is Dell's laptops are made with "cheap" (quality
> wise) hardware. So they cost less. If you can put in more money, and if you
> would like to use the same laptops for more than 1-2 years go for some
> other brand. I do not know what that other brand should be. But I do know
> that Dell laptops are not the correct investment for a long term reliable
> laptop.
> hth
> raju

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