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Re: Nice looking terminal applications

On Fri, 2 Jan 2009 00:35:45 +0000
"Benjamin M. A'Lee" <bma+lists@subvert.org.uk> wrote:

> For a higher resolution, you can add something like vga=<something> to
> the kernel parameters in grub.conf/lilo.conf; vga=773 seemed to work
> reasonably well last time I tried.

Best to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst by finding the defoptions line and
adding whatever vga=*** you want, which will automatically be added to
the kernel parameters when you update the kernel via your package
manager. An example below:

# defoptions=vga=773

Yes, keep that # there at the beginning of the line (on that section of
menu.lst, commenting out requires two hashes).

After doing that, run update-grub as root in a console, which will add
the defoptions to your default kernel parameters (this is done
automatically when you install a kernel using Debian package


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