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Re: memory problem

On 2008-12-29 20:28:45 -0500, Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
> I use Konqueror instead of Iceweasel whenever I can because of the memory

I wouldn't use konqueror or anything using KDE libs. To a less extent,
ditto for some GNOME-related packages (e.g. I don't want to install
the huge package gnome-icon-theme, because disk space is limited and
I can't upgrade).

> issue.  I also happen to like the bookmarks setup (easy to add a
> bookmark anywhere) and the file selecting widget.  I use icewm and not
> KDE or Gnome.

I use Firefox mainly because of the Tab Mix Plus, Link Widgets (but all
browsers should have that by default: "link" has been standard HTML for
a long time), Flashblock, Stylish and Greasemonkey extensions, and some
other features/extensions I like (dictionaries, LinkChecker, Locator,
SearchStatus to display the Google page rank, Web Developer).

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