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Re: [OT] Server for Debian + MySQL

Ron Johnson wrote:
The grumpy geezer in me says you make a dedicated DB server only if your hardware and/or OS isn't up to snuff, or your RDBMS is a horrible pig, and that any modern desktop PC should have enough juice to support an RDBMS, dozens applications and 10,000 OLTP users.

Like I said before: it depends on the demands of the client. Many of the servers I administer run in the 5-6000 queries per second range on low-end (by today's standard) PC hardware - 1.8GHz Athlon64, 1GB RAM and a single IDE or SATA disc.

But at the other end of the spectrum, I'm working on a box right now which has 8 cores, 16GB RAM and an 8x 15krpm SCSI RAID-10. MySQL is configured as tightly as possible, and still this box is barely doing 25 qps. The difference between this box and the aforementioned on is the queries run on the server. And even with the query optimizations I have suggested to the client, they'll still need to split some of this off onto a second box.


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