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Re: Truecrypt as A User

floyd wrote:
>> I am using truecrypt to encrypt my partition. But I can't access my
>> encrypted partition as a user. Is is must run as a root?
> Go to /etc/sudoers and add to: #User privilege specifications
>                                       *your login name*  All=(ALL) ALL
>  /etc/sudoers is a read-only file so you'll first need to change the permissions.
>  A reboot may be required _ I don't precisely recall................floyd

There is a good reason, why /etc/sudoers is read-only. You should edit
it with the visudo command.

'man sudoers' and 'man visudo' give more information.

The changes suggested by floyd give you full root access. Be careful.
You have been warned...

I'd use visudo to edit the file and only add the command necessary to
mount the trucrypt volume, but of course YMMV.

I don't know how the mounting works for truecrypt. It the syntax is
similar to other mount commands, it might be possible to just add a line
to /etc/fstab with a 'user' option.


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