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Re: playing multimedia over my local network - how?

Bob Cox wrote:

> Do you have the samba share mounted on the machine you are trying to
> view the video from?
> I cannot get the smb://M/Videos approach to work; albeit I have only
> just tried it.
> Try mounting the Videos directory and then see what happens.  Something
> like:
> # mount -t cifs //M/Videos /mnt/videos -o [ options ]

Yup, I just now made this work. I can now play videos in /mnt/videos
locally from machine M as if it were a local filesystem.

Now what remains to be done is to get the right configuration for samba.
At present, I am using sudo with username and password to mount the
samba folder:
$> sudo mount -t cifs -o username=hs //gurh/Music /mnt/videos

Now I am starting to search for the right or the recommended samba
configuration for this scenario.

Thanks and regards.


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