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Re: 32bit vs 64bit EXT3

Le Wednesday 19 November 2008 15:06:40 Stackpole, Chris, vous avez écrit :
> From: Aioanei Rares [mailto:debian.dev.list@gmail.com]
> I was trying to read up on the subject as best as I could. From what I
> understand, most of what the 64bit format provides is bigger block sizes
> and a larger filesystem (+8TB). However, I only have drives in the
> hundreds of GB not in the TB range (I wish...but don't we all). It is my
> understanding that 64bit carries full backwards compatibility, but I
> really wanted to verify first. So now all that is left is to give the
> upgrade a shot and see what happens.

Filesystems can have 64bits internal on a 32bit arch system.
There is no relationship between the two.

To handle objects bigger than 4GB (2^32 Bytes), pointers must have more than 
But when you programme, you can use pointers of the size you want.

64bit CPU arch is usefull just to let the processor directly address memory 
higher than 4GB.

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